Dark History Bright Future

Shaped to resemble the island footprint of Wadjemup, this representation of coral,
pays respect to and honours the Dark History of Wadjemup while celebrating the
Bright Future of Reconciliation. 

Queen Of The Bay

This one of a kind artwork was created to maximise both reef growth and marine life interaction, while taking into account varying environmental factors like tides, install depths and current forces. A truly bespoke design created for the enjoyment of all Busselton Jetty visitors.

Sour Sour

A bright, industrial and funky piece that is as edgy as the artist’s practice. Designed with skill, sass and savvy, Sour, Sour is a piece most reflective of Michell’s artistic evolution.

A Succulent Piece of Fish


Michell’s award winning piece melds his love of nature and the sea, becoming the first of his marine focused works.


Metal Monsteras 1 Flora Series

This stunning work is ideal for a statement entry piece or outside installation, as a central landscape feature. From the limited edition Flora Series, Metal Monstera 1 will be the perfect edition to a serious collection.

Tears of the Forest


This beautiful piece represents the deep emotions that are often released in the quiet softness of nature.

Thirty Bike Flying Pike
Castaways Innovation Award Winner

An award winning Castaways sculpture, the Thirty Bike Flying Pike was created from repurposed materials to form a beautiful, flying fish and installed on the Rockingham foreshore, with the ocean providing the perfect background canvas. Winner of the Innovation Award 2023.


 Sculptures By The Bay 2024

Monarch represents the sovereign power of nature. Even as we continue to destroy our environment, Mother Nature will have the last say. The arch symbolises the strength required to withstand untold pressures, used for thousands of years in many architectural expressions, including churches. In Monarch, the true ruler is nature.

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