Scott Michell

While his own designs are fabricated in his workshop in Perth, Scott also works as a freelance contractor on other bespoke projects across WA, fabricating for other artists and companies. He is currently expanding his portfolio, moving into government contracts and offering more commission work for various upscale clientele With his demonstrated record in studio creation, public exhibition and arts practice, Scott brings a fresh and interesting perspective to both public and privately commissioned art design.

Scott’s connection to the environment, his artistic and technical skillset, and his passion for good design sets him apart. Having been involved in the mining industry for many years, and employed as a boilermaker 1st Class Welder, Scott’s skillset in metals was built across decades of firsthand design experience.

A percentage of his artist fee from every major project is donated directly to the Hero Hunter Foundation, a not for profit very close to his heart, in honour of Hunter Madden. Within each of his designs, a small motif is hidden in order to honour this small superhero who unfortunately battled leukemia for five years before passing away.

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